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Writer and composer

Born in Blackburn, Lancashire, I have written since I could hold a pencil. This progressed to tapping out stories on prehistoric typewriters from the auction rooms my father frequented. And the journey has never stopped since.

"With her wedding ring as good as a pair of shackles, no wonder it was usually to be found abandoned on the kitchen sill –
a golden nugget among the cobwebs, 
Fairy washing-up liquid and turmeric-stained Marigolds."

Extract from Northern Boy

Creative Future Writers' Awards Gold Prize

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About me

I studied Mathematics at a small Welsh university, far from the cobbled streets of my childhood. But I chose to earn a living with words. I worked as a journalist, on publications ranging from the Guardian to the Young Telegraph. In recent years, I've turned to fiction, writing short stories, often based on my cultural heritage. I have also written my first full work, Northern Boy, a coming-of-age novel about being a “butterfly among the bricks”. It will be published in Summer 2024 by Unbound Firsts.


I live in north London with my partner and our labradoodle Milo. When I'm not working on my writing or in my day job at a large City law firm, I enjoy long walks in Epping Forest, dreaming up new stories. I also compose music and would one day love to write an all-out Gothic musical version of Dracula.

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